Case Solved! (May 20 – June 1)

Unfortunately, the road trip trough Southern Malaysia was canceled but the good news is I went during my last final days! Disclaimer: It was awesome!

First of all, the conclusion of our program: OrangeASEAN in the Singaporean times!

After enjoying the Get In The Ring event on Friday night, it was time for the first weekend off! Two days of rest dedicated to seeing Singapore and having fun. On May 20, we went to the Singaporean Botanical Gardens. It is a 158-year old garden and one of the highlights to see in Asia. It is the only tropical garden recognized as a UNESCO heritage site! After our visit to the Botanical Gardens, we came across a fruit stand that sells Durian. I have never heard of Durian before but apparently, it is famous for it’s horrible smell (I can second that) and the fact that it is known as the king of fruits. The taste is similar to the smell, not that good :P.

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On Sunday I met up with Jack Sim, a.k.a. Mr. Toilet. This summer we spent 10 weeks together at the Global Solutions Program from Singularity University and became a dear friend. He showed me his house and insights into his latest entrepreneurial endeavors. We will meet again, but this time in the Netherlands!


After the weekend, we entered the last week of the program that was going to be concluded by an official presentation to the client and a public presentation on Friday. During that week some teams worked 24/7 while others like us managed to deliver the work in due time. Hence for us, the week also contained some side-activities. We did a couple of hikes, had awesome dinners in Little India (I came to love Indian food), and I tried to relive the awesome Arab food I tasted in Jordan but the hummus and moutabel here don’t even taste like the real thing! I also met up with Bernard Leong. Bernard was also a classmate of mine last summer.


On my last Sunday in Singapore, we went to Pulau Ubin, an island in the northeast of Singapore that still reminds you of how Singapore used to be 50 years ago!

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On Monday morning I finally made my trip to Malaysia. I went to Melaka, enjoyed my day there and on Tuesday morning I was on route to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Spent a day there and then flew back to Singapore. Wednesday was my last day in Asia for a while, but I’ll be back! See you!

All the photos from Malaysia below!

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And random Singapore photos of views, the project, and food! 🙂

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