I am an entrepreneur and strive to come up with innovative solutions that adress a societal problem and allow a more thriving community, together, as a whole. Watch the video to see what motivates me!

Examples of iniatives :


The Ultimate Bottle is designed for refugees who are fleeing war-torn regions looking for safety. Some are weeks, months or even years on the run before they reach their destination, where they feel secure and are safe from harm. During their journey, they have a shortage of essentials such as clean drinking water.

The Ultimate Bottle provides people of fresh drinking water as resource generated from their own liquid waste. People can urinate in the top part of the bottle. Subsequently, this urine is filtered to clean drinking water by the use of a small hand pump and state of the art membranes, which generates fresh water within a few minutes. Also survivors, backpackers and others could use the help of The Ultimate Bottle in difficult circumstances to ensure themselves of always having water at hand.


The Ultimate Bottle was invented when I was shocked to see the incalculable refugees coming into Munich where he was studying in late 2015, the feeling of ‘you have to do something’ resulted in The Ultimate Bottle!

cropped-cropped-MW_Profielfoto_Logo_Wit2The production of different kinds of meat has a different impact on the environment. Cow meat has the biggest impact, then pork, then poultry and the most sustainable alternative is a meat substitute. To make this transparent, meatwise.nl categorized this difference into three aspects; water usage, CO2 emissions, and feed conversion. On the buttons, this is indicated with the number of hours showering, the number of kilometers driving by car and the amount of plant foods needed to produce one kilo of meat or meat substitute. With meatwise.nl you know exactly what you will save by choosing a more sustainable alternative!


The production of plastic has a huge environmental impact. In order to produce plastic, a lot of oil and energy is conusmed, which results in a CO2 emission. By recycling plastic you can make sure that less virgin plastics have to be produced. This helps to reduce the oil and energy consumption, and hence the CO2 emission. At the same time you will contribute to a circular economy!

To make sure your actual impact is transparent RecycleWise has been founded. RecycleWise categorizes the impact into three aspects: energy usage, oil usage and CO2 emission. This data will be converted and indicated as the number of days you can charge your phone, the burning hours of a LED lamp, the amount of oil, and the humber of kilometers driving by car for each plastic bottle you recycle and as a result does not have to be made from scratch!