Netherlands Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS)

Late 2015 I applied for the Netherlands Asia Honours Summer School, in short NAHSS. The NAHSS was founded to recognize Asia as one of the fastest growing regions in the world. For the Netherlands – an open and export-oriented economy – Asia is of vital importance; Dutch export to Asia rose significantly over the last few years. However, as a result of limited international mobility of Dutch students (i.e. only 0.10% of the Dutch students study in Asia), Dutch students have limited knowledge of and experience with the Asian cultures and the Asian business network. To prepare Dutch talent for the international labor market and the ever-growing demand of knowledge of the Asian cultures, it is important that Dutch talent is offered an opportunity to experience Asia. The Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS) enables them to experience Asia and by doing so, this generation can further strengthen the bilateral relationship.

The yearly summer program organized by the NAHSS offers a group of talented multidisciplinary undergraduate students the chance to become fully aware of and able to capture the opportunities that arise on the Asian continent for the Netherlands. The summer program consist of the following three components:

  • Academic program; our students participate in an international summer school at an outstanding Asian university in Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong or Taipei for five weeks.
  • Business program; they visit multinational corporations in both the Netherlands and Asia. Next to that, the participants conduct research and work on a project for one of our appreciated partners.
  • Cultural program; the NAHSS offers a Chinese language and culture course during the preparatory trail in the Netherlands. Besides that, the so-called buddy program links our students one-on-one to an Asian student for cultural insights and excursions during their stay in Asia.

The business and cultural week in Shanghai (the final week of the NAHSS program in Asia) combines these three factors by facilitating our students to work on their project and academically structure their research, visiting Asian and Dutch companies and organizing cultural excursions. Next to that, all participants gather together in Shanghai this week, which stimulates them to exchange their experiences among each other to complete their Asia-experience.

More information can be found here: NAHSS (English).

Or see the video here!