GSP Week 0 Flying High (- June 18)

Only 18 more hours to go and I will fly to San Francisco. To the Golden Gate Bridge. I will be picked up by someone from Singularity University (SU) and make my way to Silicon Valley. To Singularity University. All the practical stuff is taken care off, I checked in for my flight, arranged my ESTA-approval and got my immigration letter. I am ready to go!

I will attend the Global Solutions Program for 10 weeks this summer. Check the shiny video below. Together with 79 other inspiring people, I will join the quest to launch initiatives to help a billion people in 10 years. I already met one of them, my designated buddy. A great guy from Bilbao. He is the founder of Labsland, a really cool project making education available for everyone. Check it out:

It’s a busy program (every day from 07:30 till 10), but that’s just what I want. The time spent in Silicon Valley will be so valuable that sleeping will feel like wasting time :p. I’ve already been told that previous participants had to be forced to sleep. It feels a little over the top right now but who knows. Maybe in a few days, I will refuse to go to bed as well. Luckily, SU knows this and they provide meditation sessions, yoga classes to relax and reflect. A good initiative. It’s a shame if everything around you goes so quickly you never stop and realize how awesome the time is that you are having.

Saturday the 18th of June, the program will officially start with the registration and brunch and later that evening a movie night to get acquainted in an informal way. Sunday the real fun will start, after breakfast and the CEO welcome we will get the NASA safety and security instructions. I am excited to see and experience what it is like to sleep at the NASA campus, has to be insane security-wise. The first day is then concluded with introductions, campus tours and some teambuilding. On Monday there will be the rest of the personal introductions and presentations of the participants winning ideas. Excited for all these inspiring, world-changing ideas! The official opening will also be on Monday and be held in the Computer History Museum, awesome location!

I will try to post regularly on this blog but I can’t guarantee it. Probably there are way too many things to do in way too little time. Later my story will be posted anyway in the Dutch magazine: De Ingenieur (they wrote a short web post a few days ago:, in Dutch). So if nothing shows up, Sorry but you have to wait for the magazine in September.

For now, counting down till Saturday June 18 2016, 09:50. The story will begin 🙂