GSP Week 1.5 Wow! (June 24 – June 27)

On Friday we started with an amazing talk about Digital Biology by Raymond McCauley. He talked about the future of healthcare, shoutout to Philips, and how exponential technologies play a role in that future. Since the future of healthcare is a lot about genetics, he thought it would be cool for all of us to get sequenced. So guess what we are going to do. 23andme will provide us gene sequencing kits. Really cool to get a look into your own genome. After that, we talked about digital manufacturing and the limits of 3D printing, for instance in Space. In the afternoon it was time for me to present my GIC winning idea. The idea was received very well, cool to see that others value your input.


On Friday we had a virtual reality empathy evening where Amnesty International and the United Nations came to speak and demonstrate the power of virtual reality for their mission.


We were advised to sleep well on Friday because on Saturday we had a training from former Navy Seals and the Red Bull Extreme Team. Unfortunately, I can’t share any information about this team other than it was not only physical, a lot of it was mental. On Saturday night we had a party at the NASA campus. Infinite Corona tends to lead to a good party, and it was a good party! I will leave the details to your imagination.


On Sunday a couple of us decided to go to San Francisco where the Gay Pride was being held. We biked to the Caltrain and from there on out explored on foot. Cool to see so much energy flowing through the streets. Everybody was happy. Later we went to see Alcatraz, jogged around the pier, got amazed by the bridge and the beauty, had delicious dinner in Chinatown and saw the stadium of the SF Giants.

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First week of GSP’16: 10/10.