GSP Week 2.5 Startup weekend (July 1 – July 5)

Friday the 1st of July was Canada-day, that had to be celebrated. Singing the Canadian Anthem with my fellow Canadians almost made me feel Canadian. After this heartwarming moment, I and a few others decided to grab a dinner to go and explore the valley a little, after a half hour bike ride we ended up at an amazing spot near the bay where we ate our dinner. Canada-day ended with a spontaneous karaoke-keyboard-drums session with a bunch of us!



Saturday was time for the impact sprint. To kickstart the day everybody who wanted to pitch a problem in order to recruit a team was able to pitch. Eventually, we had to end up with 20 teams of 4 people working on one idea. I pitched the problem of obesity and got 3 others to join me. The scope of the problem was the unavailability of access to healthy food and exercise directly causing obesity. The goal of today was to get to know each other better in a working environment as well as getting to know the problem. Unfortunately, we did not win, but we did get the award for the best slide deck! The winners got champagne and chocolate, luckily the rest of us got something to drink as well ;).


On Sunday four us (Muriel, Philip, Leo and Me) decided to got to the Big Basin Redwoods and Santa Cruz Beach to spend our day off. The hike took us about 5 hours and we arrived just before sunset at the beach! Later on Sunday, there was the first culture night, the first culture night was for the Africans and Latin Americans. It was a blast!

DSC_2928 DSC_2920 DSC_2887 DSC_2881 DSC_2879 DSC_2847  Snapchat-5895682360075943090DSC_2794DSC_2834  IMG_1114

After such an amazing day off it was hard to experience something even better, but it happened. The 4th of July was waiting for us! A party was hosted by SU at the SU Villa. Hands down the best/biggest/craziest party I have ever been (of course in full stars and stripes attire)!

stars and stripes pingpongSUvilla IMG_1657 IMG_1179 thefood

On Tuesday everything went back to normal. Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning in the morning and in the afternoon design thinking, brainstorming and future forecasting. Today was also the day that my headshots came back from the photographer, I shared one below but I have tons more :). Later!

20160620_074337pizzadaytalentvstraining  brainstorm shletercollage