GSP Week 3 Big Sur (July 6 – July 10)

Wednesday, July 6th started out with Eythor Bender, CEO of UNYQ. He and his team are rediscovering prosthetics and orthotics using among others 3D printing, bringing personalization, digital optimization & data gathering to the industry. The company takes something that used to be a source of frustration or indignity and turns it into a means of self-expression, pride, and ultimately better outcomes. After that Ramez Naam came back to talk about energy and in the afternoon Pascal Finette spoke about entrepreneurship and how to be a great entrepreneur. After dinner, David Roberts came back to talk about disruption in the future and also talked some about the future of human diet (vegetarianism/veganism).

Eythorfinetteroberts veganism

On Thursday morning we had a Virtual Reality workshop. I programmed my own world which now can be downloaded and used with an Oculus Rift. I made a farm :). In the afternoon we had a very interactive session on creativity and how to be creative. After dinner (which we took to go so we could enjoy the view over the bay) I had the second part of a 3D printing workshop, where I made and printed a prosthetic hand.

Snapchat-6063044377837857111 Bay Picnic

On Friday we had our first introduction with IBM Watson, an AI that start-ups can use for their business. Later that day we had some digital biology, space and prosperity sessions. We also planned our culture night on July 31st. In the evening a representative of D-wave came to SU to talk about the future of quantum computing which lasted until far after midnight.

On Saturday we decided to go camp in the Big Sur for the weekend. Rented a car and packed our bags with a lot of water, some food, a tent, yoga mat and sleeping bag. We hiked for 25 km through the Californian Redwoods. After the 25 km, we reached the hot springs, a geothermal jacuzzi in the middle of the woods! We set up camp a few km from the hot springs. After a night with little sleep, we hiked for another 15 km back to Ocean side and went to Pfeiffer beach, a beach with purple sand! After some catching up on sleep at the beach, we went to a waterfall that directly ends in the ocean, B-E-AUTIFUL! Attached some photos for you to capture the feeling. For now, back to another week of serious SU with Rob Nail speaking about Robotics. Very cool to see all the advances in the field of Robotics!

DSC_2957 DSC_2969 DSC_2976 DSC_2983 DSC_2990 DSC_2998 DSC_3006 DSC_3007 DSC_3022 DSC_3037 DSC_3043

IMG_20160710_171626 beach2pfeiffer