GSP week 6 Google (July 26 – Aug 2)

We ended Tuesday at 05:30. Salim promised to be the last person to leave SU and he kept his promised. Thoughts were shared throughout the whole night. On Wednesday we went to Google, had lunch chatted with some people working at Google and got a tour of their headquarters. In the afternoon there was a networking session/food truck festival with the Executive Program of Singularity University. There were a lot of Dutch Executives, including people from the Ministry of Defense. In the evening we had a CRISPR workshop, to get some hands-on with gene-editing and after that, we all went to Mountain View to celebrate a few birthdays!

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On Thursday everybody was really tired of staying up till 4/5 two nights in a row and waking up at 08:00. The day was packed with talks and lectures and the most interesting one was about exponential economics by Amin Toufani, publishing a book soon about this talk. In the afternoon I played some tennis with a few mates and discussed some more about team projects with Sarah. On Friday we have the last talks of this summer, from now on more and more is focused on team projects starting with the startup weekend kickoff Friday after dinner. The startup weekend was though and cost us a lot of hours of work. We worked the whole Saturday’s from 08:00 till 03:00 on Saturday. We then continued on Sunday and delivered the pitch at 14:00. It was good enough but not perfect so we weren’t able to win the startup weekend, unfortunately. Sunday night was the last culture night, this time it was USA/Canada/Mexico. It was awesome.

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On Monday we got our offices and the first day of work began! In the evening Dambisa Moyo spoke to use about dead aid, really really interesting. On Tuesday we received feedback on our projects from 5 different mentors, super valuable! In the evening Vivek Wadhwa spoke to us about disruption.

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From now on, the workload is only gonna increase 🙂