GSP Week 7 (Aug 3-Aug 8)

Wednesday, August 3. The time flies by. Today was the final sale of Burning Man 2016. At 11:59 sharp I sat in front of my computer to compete for tickets. And at 12:00 the site crashed and unfortunately the tickets were sold out by the time I got access to the website. There is still hope though since my classmates who already have a ticket are trying to get me one. I’ll keep you updated. On Wednesday I also had my first doubts about the lack of progress we were making as a team. We weren’t making a lot of progress. This continued on Thursday and therefore we decided to split up and join different teams. I ended up working on off-grid refrigeration. An interesting problem in you thinks of the 1.2 billion people who don’t have access to refrigeration. A vital appliance in our everyday lives. On Thursday night we also had a little get-together to have a scotch and cigars tasting session.

On Friday I got invited to visit IBM Almaden Research Center, the place where they saw and manipulated single atoms for the first time, awesome! In the afternoon we worked and later went to the movies to re-see the minion’s movie :P. Saturday and Sunday were also reserved for working our asses off. For Wednesday we have to give a pitch that might enable us to extend our stay for 10 weeks. This requires a lot of work but hopefully, it will pay off. They will announce the people with an extended stay on Friday. To get away from all the hectic at the office I did take a bike ride on Sunday with my teammate Sven. We took a book and just drove with our bikes for a couple of hours, reading a book, meditating in the sun and riding back with the bike. And so the days fly by and it’s already August 8th. The upcoming days we are working towards building our first prototype fridge, trying to validate and kill assumptions made previously and connect with potential customers. Hard but exciting work. The workload will be quite harsh until we deliver our midway pitch. Hopefully with success. 29 more hours to go until pitching, let’s go!

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