GSP Closing (Aug 9 – Sep 1)

So I stopped writing on this blog on August 8th and now it’s August 30th. A lot happened and I will quickly recap the last 3 weeks while I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight.

August 9 was another mentoring were our team project grew and were we pitched a lot and iterated on the pitch to make it better. on August 10th we presented to compete for a position in Launchpad, the pre-acclerator of Singularity University that start September 19th and goes until November 14th. We made it! I am coming back! The same we were able to visit The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital which was really neat and cool. Later in the evening we had a talk about media framing and how some media/institutions either consciously or subconsciously deceive you.

Flying EyeIMG_20160810_213351

On Thursday, August 11th, another full day of work the NASA interns who spend their summer on campus as well were ready to leave and in order to thank them, NASA threw a campus-wide barbecue, sweet! After dinner, our GSP program leader did a fireside chat about his experiences in live. Bottom live: go out there and live your life!Nasa barbecue

On Friday we had a busy day because we were shooting the annual GSP lip dub and later that night the annual space masquerade. Both awesome events 🙂

IMG_3013 IMG_3012 IMG_2933

On Saturday we decided to go to San Francisco in the BMW convertible a couple of my friends are renting for the summer to enjoy SF and watch a game of the SF giants. The stadium of the SF giants in incredibly beautiful!

DSC_3510 DSC_3544 DSC_3563 DSC_3604DSC_3508 DSC_3545

On Sunday it was back to serious work again! This week was a lot of fun with my fellow particiants during the break and a lot of meaningfull work during the rest of the time. With little sleep the days are very long but at the same time very rewarding! The cool thing that happened is that my 23andMe results came in, interesting to look at! A picture of us working on Afriji.


On the 19th of August a couple of us arranged a visit to the lab of ReGen villages. A sustainable home project led by Stanford professor James Ehrlich. ReGen Villages is going to build its pilot homes in Almere, in the Netherlands. Very cool to chat and interact with him! He gave us a tour of Stanford University as well 🙂 At night Aubrey de Grey came to speak about Human Longevity, he has a very interesting view on life extension, a subject I like to learn more about.

IMG_20160818_111349 IMG_20160818_115805

And then it was Saturday again. Today I booked my flight back to California. Flying out on the 23rd of September and heading back home on November 14. I played around a little with 3D printers. We also launched our selfmade rocket today. On top of the rocket we mounted a Llama! We are the first to put a Llama into space 🙂

IMG_20160820_114757 IMG_20160820_174851 IMG_20160821_002949 IMG_20160820_113502

After working hard the last few days on Tuesday August 23th it was time for the final presentations of the projects teams! The best 5 teams were going to present at the Closing ceremony. attened by 800 guests paying each 60 bucks! A lot of opportunity to gain traction in an early stage! And of course AFRIJI was one of the 5! Our team (6 guys, check the boyband photo) is going to present, really excited about this! After the presentation it was time to relax and enjoy each others presence. In the evening we celebrated our win of course!

IMG_3434 IMG_8900 IMG_20160822_230241 IMG_20160823_190356 IMG_20160823_195444 New album, 'Keeping Your Cool,' releasing November 11. Spot the woman and win 10k$ 😅❤️DSC_3639

The day after was the day I saw a driverless car for the first time 🙂 and look at the food they serve us EVERY DAY. AMAZING!IMG_20160822_163559 IMG_20160822_142359 IMG_20160822_142415

After working hard a couple of days to get our demo booth ready for the closing ceremony the first sad moment of the summer arrived as Jack Sim (he loves toilets, hence the picture), my friend from Singapore had to leave us early to speak at a convention in Stockholm. He unfortunately couldn’t make it to our Graduation (see the picture taken the night before)

IMG_20160824_210821 IMG_20160825_210044

Then on August 26th it was time for our GRADUATION and in the evening the closing ceremony.

14079706_10154038345398661_576956278317899315_n IMG_20160826_160640 IMG_20160826_160728 IMG_20160826_160903 IMG_20160826_161400 IMG_20160826_170428 DSC_3681IMG_20160826_190857 IMG_018014068434_10209349682995752_7899352628513501000_o FullSizeRenderSlack for iOS Upload-10

The day after graduation it was time for the closing GSP Singularity U pool party! Probably the best party I have ever been to! We ended up late at night in Palo Alto 🙂

20160827_191912 My ❤️ IMG_0360DSC_3728 DSC_3724

On Sunday August 28th the Singularity University Global Summit in San Francisco began! Lots of interesting people are attending this event. The best opportunity to promote Afriji and learn at the same time! We spent all morning at the summit and at lunch we decided to go to MOMA SF. A beautiful museum. After MOMA we went back to the summit to attend a graffiti workshop, really cool.

IMG_20160828_141913 IMG_20160828_174003 IMG_20160828_174104 IMG_20160828_181745 DSC_3745 DSC_3758 DSC_3773 DSC_3778 DSC_3804 DSC_3834 DSC_3837Exponential love @ MOMA IMG_4967

On the 29th the summit continued and of course, we went back again! At the end of the second day, there was a silent disco 🙂

IMG_20160829_153824 IMG_20160829_162224 IMG_20160829_194235 IMG_20160829_213629

And then it was August 30, time to go home :(. I had the best time of my life as you have read here and I would do it all over in a heartbeat. Thanks to all the amazing people who made it happen.

IMG_20160830_120803 IMG_20160830_234948