The National Thinktank

My next learning adventure is to take part in the National Thinktank. This thinktank comprises 20 young professionals lead by McKinsey & Company and will focus on an urgent societal challenge for 5 months between August and December 2018. The goal is to create practical solutions providing real-world impact.

The focus on this years thinktank is the circular economy. If we continue to produce goods with the throw-away mindset, one earth won’t be enough to sustain this for the upcoming generations due to population growth and increased wealth. The Dutch government has the ambition to be fully circular by 2050. The first goal is already set for 2030. Reducing resource input by 50%. It won’t be easy to transform a linear economy into a circular one. New business and financemodels will be made, as well as different metrics that we score ourselves on. Refuse and Reduce has to triumph over take and waste! Implementing a circular economy won’t just be for the sake of it, a circular economy will allow future generations to thrive on a higher level than we do now!

The main question we explore: What does the circular city of the future look like and what does it take to realize it?