Launchpad Week 3+4+5

Week 3 of Launchpad started on Monday, October 10th when we were introduced to Roger Royse who laid out the legal structure of a startup in the U.S.A. and what kind of lawyers would suit best for each individual startup. During the following days, we had a lot of meetings with lawyers regarding IP, VISA-issues, Tax-issues etc. Boring but necessary. On Mondays family dinner Gillian Hadfield spoke to us about privacy and the evolution of the lawyer ecosystem in the valley. The day after we had another set of important visits, but this time more focused on setting up a financial framework in terms of accounting, financial forecasting, and structuring finance. In the afternoon Beth Kantor provided us with a wellness session and gave a brief overview on how to form healthy productive habits.

The fourth week starting on October 17, commenced with Sales 101, building sales channels, marketing and how to effectively persuade people to subscribe to your service or buy your product. We also had an intro into how to pitch better using body language, story-telling and knowing how to play the audience. For Monday family dinner we had the pleasure of listening to Jim Cook, co-founder of Netflix and CFO of Mozilla. The week ended with a pitch contest, where we all pitched our progress and made an ask for investment. During the week we had an important meeting with the Stanford Design for Extreme Affordability School and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.

During the weekend there was time to decompress. We went for dinner in Palo Alto, had lovely bike ride along the bay area and went to see a game of the 49’ers (American Football )!

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