Launchpad week 6+7

Monday the 24th of October began with a visit from David S. Rose, author of the start-up checklist. He scheduled office hours with all the startups and gave us a broad overview of funding strategies. He also spoke together with Lakshmi Karan during family dinner about his/her personal view on entrepreneurship and how to balance life with work. The day after we had office hours with a legal attorney, setting our company up with the right structure so that we do not get kicked out of the country midway through building the company. In the afternoon the Launchpad shared dinner with the YPO organization. An interesting cross-pollination of ideas and visions from different perspectives.

Wednesday was time to go to SF for an interview with BCG. I spent the day checking out the city after; visiting art galleries and coffeeshops. On Thursday, after building fridges all day, we attended an event at Draper University where the founder of 500 startups Dave McClure shared his insights on the startup world. On Friday we attended a talk at MoFo, the law firm, about angel investing and the dynamics of it.

In the weekend America prepared itself for Halloween. After playing soccer on Saturday with our group of local Californians  we embraced ourselves and went to a party in Atherton. A good experience.On Sunday a couple of us checked out San Jose, Cupertino, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara on bikes. A wonderful 5-hour bike journey.

Monday the 31st was all about pricing and how to get the best dollar tag on your product. Later Monday night we went to Palo Alto and saw the real craziness of U.S.A. Halloween. Phenomenal. On Tuesday the first Launchpad participant left, drilling in on the realization that for the rest Launchpad is going to end soon as well. This resulted in working even harder, faster and better. During the week we participated in a pitch competition but unfortunately didn’t win but on a positive note, the winner did come from SU :).

On Saturday me and Perrtu went to Berkeley to hang out with Theo. We had an awesome time in Berkeley, Oakland and later San Francisco checking out the city and exploring the bay are.Highlight: Had dinner in the #2 restaurant rated on Yelp in the U.S.A.