A healthy lifestyle!

One of my main priorities in life is eating healthy, getting enough exercise and feeling optimal! All these things are necessary in order to perform and to be extra sharp for the tasks I want to accomplish every day. Exactly what the Old Greeks already thought us: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

A healthy lifestyle starts with nutrition. I (try to) pick carefully what goes into my body in order to nourish it optimally. While making my decisions in the realm of nutrition I am not only concerned with health but also with sustainability and ethics. These three arguments combined led to me being a vegetarian. The health benefits and then in particular not eating red meat are backed up by multiple quality studies. Instead, I base my nutrition more on fruit and vegetables. It makes me energized every single day. Secondly, the choice of being a vegetarian is driven by sustainability. Eating meat is simply not sustainable in terms of greenhouse gasses, water, and food that is needed to produce animal products. Lastly, there is the ethical argument whether killing animals is right. I cannot kill animals myself so I think it is not fair to let someone else do it and ‘profit’. If you cannot do it, you shouldn’t eat it.

Besides nutrition, the next thing to keep me energized is exercising. Every day before I start my day I walk for about twenty to forty minutes to get the blood flowing and increase brain activity.


In order to be active throughout the day, I track my steps with my Fitbit. My main goal is getting 15.000 steps. Besides that, I have the goal of doing a cardio exercise 2-3 times a week and lifting weights also 2-3 times a week. These goals are part of my system and since they are part of a rhythm they are relatively easy to achieve and I am having fun while doing it! However, these are goals and definitely not achieved all the time ;).

The third thing is mindfulness. It is important to reduce stress and be in touch with your inner self. To know decompress, to slow down your head and order your thoughts, I experienced meditation, every day for 10 to 20 minutes, to be a useful tool. You get to know yourself and are able to reflect on your actions and learn from them. To meditate I started using Headspace and really got me going. Now I use the app Insight Timer.

Lastly is sleep. Sleep is wonderful and I love it. After reading this book (sleep revolution), I started to pay more attention to my sleep. Without a good night’s sleep (and my morning coffee :p) I achieve way less that when I had a solid 8 hours in.