NOUR-project in Jordan

2017, a new year, a new year full of new challenges.

Since my first year of my M.Sc. is coming to end, I was looking for new challenges, new ways to broaden my horizon and to expand my perspective. To see things in a different light. I came across the NOUR-project from AIESEC, click here.

The goal of the NOUR-project is to bridge the gap of understanding between the Western World and the Arab World. We, in the Netherlands, live in a multicultural society and without trying to see things from the other points of view we will never get anywhere. How to get this view better that to spend some time in the Middle-East and get engaged in the local community? That’s right, there is none!

As part of my participation in the NOUR-project I will go to Amman, Jordan (to be precise click here) from the 18th of March until April 24st. I will work in the Innovation Lab (read more on this site) in Amman for JOHUD.

To prepare for my visit to Jordan I followed a Learning Program where I listened to experts explaining the Middle East from a historical, political and spiritual context. Dr. Bdwaiwi Told me about Arab culture and myths. Dr. Bdwaiwi is an expert on Arab-Islamic culture and introduced me to the concept of Orientalism. I also gained new insights by listening to and looking at the photos of photographer Ton Koene. He showed me through his pictures how similar we all are and that we basically are all the same no matter in which environment you live are have grown up in.

During my journey in Jordan, I will keep you updated on this website! Click below to read more!

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