Orange ASEAN in Singapore

On May 5th I will fly to Singapore to participate in the upcoming edition of the OrangeASEAN factory! I will stay in Singapore until May 31st 🙂

Orange ASEAN was initiated by the Dutch­ Govern­ment in collaboration with the private sector and non­-governmental partners. Orange ASEAN connects Dutch and ASEAN en­trepreneurship to accelerate sustainable innovations.

Orange Factory is an intense 3-week workshop for talented students and young professionals from the Netherlands and Southeast Asia designing innovative solutions for sustainability challenges in the region. Supported by academics and experts, 20-30 participants work together in dedicated teams developing business cases for real-life issues. Yearly, several Factories are organized at different locations in the region.

The edition I participate in focusses on sustainable urban development. With more and more people settling down in cities, urban sustainability requires us to take a closer look at the relationship of cities with their surroundings. This implies that we need to think about the reduction of the use of non-renewable resources, plan the possibilities for handling waste, create a healthy living environment and support stronger social structures while meeting our economic needs in cities that are becoming more high tech and ‘smart’.

Read about my experiences below!