Ever since I was a little kid I am obsessed with playing football. Kicking the ball, scoring goals and winning with my team was the one activity you could wake me up for in the middle of the night. Nothing changed since and I benefited immensely from playing football.

First of all football thought me how to play in a team. A senior football team consists of around 15-16 and 11 of them playing together on the pitch. Managing a team, being a part of a team and achieving something with your team is an interesting process and more often than not it is the strength of the team that decides whether you win not the strength of the individuals.

Secondly, Football thought me perseverance and dedication. Fact is, if you do not drop unconsciousness on the ground by the next step you are still able to go on. In fact only your minding telling you that you are tired is the thing that is stopping you. Not your body yourself!

Thirdly, being a striker in football thought me how to let it go of past occurrences. Imagine missing a huge opportunity to score a goal, now it is your chance to decide how you react to it. You can be sad about it, keep mourning about how you missed that chance but the best thing to do is to analyze what went wrong, learn from it and fully focus yourself on the next chance. You see that you will score that one. If you won’t let go of the past you will miss the next one as well and you well end up in a vicious circle.

Besides from the educational aspect of playing football, it is also a great way to reduce stress and to decompress a few times a week. It is a great exercise, allows me to clear my head and it makes me feel energized during the week.