Personal Tutor

Students attending the same lectures but getting different grades turned to me for help! Their grades changed thanks to my tutoring. Clearly, I could help a lot of people this way!


When I was 15 and in VWO 4 (Dutch Higher Education) I was an honest student, following the lectures and getting excellent marks. At the same time, my fellow students attended the same lectures but were not getting good grades and turned to me for extra advice on their homework. I was eager to help them and thanks to my help they benefited immensely. The feeling when you explain somebody a challenging problem and let them gain new insights so they can solve the next one themselves is delightful.

I decided to set up my own network so that students in need for help could connect with me for extra tutoring help. My expertise is in physics, chemistry, biology and economics and I helped over 100 students in these subjects. They are and I am as well all extremely grateful for the time and dedication we got to spend together.

As a tutor, you learn as well. You get to connect with people out of various classes, various educational backgrounds and different ways of thinking. It also broadened my understanding of topics. After all, you only really understand something if you can explain it easily.