Radboud University Nijmegen

As a young student in Nijmegen I immediately felt at home. It wasn’t a really big step up from my hometown Erp, which has around 6.500 inhabitants to Nijmegen (about 2 hours from Erp by public transport) with a population of around 175.000. Still it was a lot bigger than I was used to. Luckily, Nijmegen still has some of the coziness of a small town.

In Nijmegen I studied the Bachelor Physics & Astronomy (Dutch) and the Bachelor Chemistry (English). I am interested in how the world works and eager to learn as much as possible. I felt like missing out on the good stuff when limiting myself to one bachelor. I always strive to broaden and deepen my knowledge.

I lived in student housing, Hoogeveldt, for a long time. My room was located in a hallway with 16 students in a building complex with over a 1000 students total.


Because of my love for football I also joined the student soccer association, FC Kunde (Dutch). I played there just to train and commuted back and forth in the weekend to be able to play for my old club in my hometown.

Besides playing soccer to decompress I also joined the youth association of the Dutch political party D66, Young Democrats (Dutch) and the parent party D66 (English) it self as well. Informing myself over recent political debates, forming a nuanced opinion about important subjects and engage in conversation over various topics. Next to the aforementioned things I took part in the Radboud Honours Academy, was a student consultant for Huawei and Honor during Netherlands Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS), took part in a summer school at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a winter school at the Royal Dutch Institute Rome (KNIR).

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